This is My Screwed Up Story…

I have screwed up so many times in my life that I’ve lost count. But, there is one story that I’d like everyone to know.

This is actually a good story now, but believe me, I was shit-scared at that time.

The story begins on one good day when I received a text from a friend saying “the results are out”. After reading the message, I immediately rushed to my room, sat at my desk, flip-opened my laptop and launched Google Chrome.

I opened the University result web page, entered my roll number, and guess what happened?

I failed! I failed in 2 subjects, and on top of that, I couldn’t clear my previous backlogs as well.

I was really terrified.

What should I do now?

How will I tell Mom & Dad?

I thought, I was screwed for life!

Or was I really?

The Fun Part…

Till date, my mom & dad still doesn’t know that I’ve dropped out of college. So, if you’re close to me, just sush your mouth or I’ll destroy you!

Coming back to the story…

After knowing my results, I spent a few days locked into my room. – Trying to figure out what to do next in my life, I finally came up with a PLAN! – a Really KickAss Plan.

I thought that if I can land a job in my IT field and survive for at least six months, then I’ll tell my parents the TRUTH!

But, easier said than done I guess…

I couldn’t find a job. Nobody hired me. And there I was, still depressed and confused about what to do next.

Fast-forward to 2 years later…

Today, I’m doing what I love to do (which is writing & marketing), I make a good living out of it, and the best part is, my parents are really happy.

Now, I’m sure many of you have stories like mine. We, as human beings, tend to screw up from time to time. It’s only natural.

Anyways, if you’ve a similar screwed up story, I happen to know just the right place to share it.

I have launched a new Medium Publication – Screwed Up Individuals – Where I encourage everyone to share such screwed up stories and the lessons you learned from them.

If you’re interested in submitting your story, just mail it to me at

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