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My name is Jaimin Kapadia and I’m just an ordinary guy who has successfully escaped the rat race through blogging.

Before I share my story, tell me if you can relate to any of the following:

  • Do you always feel stuck and trapped in your regular day job?
  • Are you sick of chasing the weekends and hate to wake up to your alarm clock every Monday?
  • Do you often dream of working from home wearing your favorite pajamas?
  • Or do you just want to live the laptop lifestyle traveling around the world?

If you’ve nodded affirmatively to any of these points, then you’ve come to the right place.

I help people just like you who need that extra motivation to finally launch their own blog, make a consistent passive income from it, and live life on own terms!

A little bit of my background...

A few years ago, I was living the same reality as you may or may not be living right now.

That REALITY included:

  • Always dwelling over finances.
  • Climbing (or trying to climb) the corporate ladder.
  • Never having enough time or money (or both!) to spend more time with family or doing things I always wanted to do!

I just got tired of being constrained to a fixed salary, feeling unfulfilled all the time, and wondering if this is going to be IT for the rest of my life…

Today, however, the scenario has completely changed.

I just realized that we only get one life so why not live the way I want to.

With that thought, I started Screwed Up Engineer where not only I make passive income online consistently but I also help aspiring & fellow bloggers like you to earn a full-time living from their own blogs.

You see, I’m a firm believer of looking back and helping the next person.

So, after digging deep into the digital marketing and blogging world, I’ve finally made it to the other side.

Now I want to save you from having to take a scenic road, so your journey can move a lot faster than mine. 🙂

Are you ready to go all in on your blogging passion and change your life?

Then I already have a stupid simple action plan ready for you to execute!

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