Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Opportunities

If you want to get more visibility for your service or product, providing it’s related to Blogging, SEO, Web Hosting, or WordPress, then you’re at the right place.

Screwed Up Engineer is a professional resource blog that covers everything related to Blogging, SEO, Web Hosting, and WordPress.

We currently offer 3 types of advertising opportunities explained below.

Banner Advertising

We offer monthly subscription-based banner advertisement opportunities.

Price: Please fill out the contact form to get more details.

Sponsored Review

Sponsored Reviews are basically blog posts explaining all the features and benefits of a product or service related to SEO, Blogging, Web Hosting, and WordPress.

Before we publish a Sponsored Review, we analyze everything your service or product offers and therefore we will require to try your service first or get a copy of your product to evaluate it.

Once we’ve evaluated your service/product, we will write an unbiased review.

Please don’t expect us to hide the negative points of your product as it doesn’t help us win the trust of our readers.

However, we’ll make sure to highlight all the positive points and let everyone know about it.

We will promote all sponsored review posts to all of our readers just the way we promote our normal blog posts.

Price: For price estimation, please fill the contact us form and we will get back to you.

Important information


Advertising is beyond just clicks and impressions and therefore we do not provide guarantee any number of sales, clicks or impressions.

Our website’s traffic fluctuates, but how well an advertisement does on our website depends largely on how well your offer converts.

For instance, if it’s a sponsored review post then the results will only be as good as how good your product is, what sort of value your service/product adds in our readers’ life and how many of our audience it is relevant to.

On the other hand, if it’s a static banner ad, then it mostly comes down to how intuitive your static banner ad is.

We also reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone.

Our approach to reviews

If you’re planning to approach us for Sponsored Review post, then you must understand that our review will be honest and straight to the point.

That means if your service/product isn’t up to the par, then that is what we will convey in the review. But, if your service/product provides a ton of value, then we will tell everyone about it.

Before publishing the review, we’ll obviously discuss it with you, explore some options, and then based on mutual agreement, we’ll move ahead.

Once we’ve received the payment via PayPal, only then we will proceed further and begin writing the agreed review post of your service/product.

Once the final draft is completed, we’ll share it with you to get written confirmation, and then we will go ahead and schedule it for publishing at the earliest possible date.


Payments must be paid up-front via PayPal. Fill contact us form to receive the Paypal ID on your email.


We do not offer refunds in any circumstances once the payment has been received.

However, if you are not satisfied with a service, then we would most certainly love to know about it so that we can try to resolve the issue.

Updates to this page

The entire content of this advertising page is subject to change and as our popularity grows, we will also increase the costs. However, the benefit you will receive will increase too in return.