Affiliate Disclosure

At Screwed Up Engineer, I help aspiring and fellow bloggers to make better decisions so they can get actual, real results.

After all, All your hard work must get compensated, right?

It’s what I believe in and it’s what I practice.

This brings us to affiliate links.

Affiliate Links

Many times when I recommend a product, I generally link to the product’s website using an affiliate link.

And, if you decide to buy a product via my affiliate link, I’ll get a commission from the product vendor as a small token of “thank you.”

These commissions are usually a few dollars, but sometimes they can be a little more.

There’re two types of commissions.

  • One-time commissions
  • Recurring commissions

This means that if you sign up for a monthly subscription, I might receive a small part of that monthly fee.

But the important thing is — Referral doesn’t cost you a penny. My entire commission income comes from the vendor’s pocket and not yours.

Also, I would never ever recommend buying a product just because it offers a commission.

I’ll only recommend those products, which I've personally reviewed or used.

All good? Great!